2004 Symposium on Prediction of Pavement Performance "Additives Used in Asphalt Pavements"

Western Research Institute (WRI) held a Symposium on Additives Used in Asphalt Pavements in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

The purpose of the symposium was to hear from leading experts on the subject of the values of various additives used in asphalt pavements. There were four half-day sessions. Presentations from the sessions are included below.

Session 1: "Polymers Used in Asphalt"

Effect of Crumb Rubber on the Rheological Properties of Asphalts After Long-Term Oxidative Aging - Shin-Che Huang

Historical Performance of Polymer Modified Asphalt Pavements: Part I - Laurand Lewandowski

Polymers in Modified Asphalt - Robert Kluttz

Special Features of Polymer Modified Binders - Jean-Pascal Planche


Session 2: "Coadditives and Extenders"

Asphalt Modification via Polyphosphoric Acid and Polymers - Gaylon Baumgardner

Polyphosphoric Acid in Asphalt Modification - Michael Falkiewicz

Modification of Rubberized Asphalt With Polyoctenamer - David Anderson

Ground Tire Rubber and Trans-Polyoctenamer as Asphalt Binder Additives - Robert Amme

Performance of Bottom Ash Asphalt Mixes - George Huntington


Session 3: "Emulsified Asphalts" and "Sealer/Rejuvenators"

Chemical Analyses of Sealer - Rejuvenators - Mike Harnsberger

Innovative Asphalt Emulsion Applications - Gayle King

No presentation available - Everett Crews

Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsions - Koichi Takamura


Session 4:  "Moisture Damage Inhibitors"

Hydrated Lime A Comprehensive Moisture Sensitivity Additive - Eric Berger

Moisture Damage Inhibitors Hydrated Lime - Dallas Little

Moisture Damage and Benefits of Liquid Anti-stripping Additives (LAS) - James Anagnos

A Field Experiment on Methods of Addition of Lime to HMA - Ray Robertson