2005 Prediction of Pavement Performance Symposium - Adhesion and Cohesion in Asphalt Pavements

Western Research Institute (WRI) held a Symposium on Adhesion and Cohesion in Asphalt Pavements in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

The purpose of the symposium was to hear from leading experts on the subject of the
adhesion and cohesion in asphalt pavements. There were four half-day sessions. Presentations from the sessions are included below.

Session 1: "State Perspectives"

Introduction, Direction and Desired Outcome of the Symposium - Raymond E. Robertson, Western Research Institute

Moving from Research to Specification - John D'Angelo, Federal Highway Administration

Louisiana Perspective on Adhesion and Cohesion Determination - Ioan I. Negulescu, Louisiana State University

New Mexico's Experiences with Asphalt Adhesion/Cohesion - Tom Raught, New Mexico Department of Transportation

Nebraska Department of Roads Experience with Adhesive Failure - Laird E. Weishahn, Nebraska Department of Roads

Wyoming DOT Perspective on Adhesion and Cohesion Determination - Bruce Morgenstern, Wyoming Department of Transportation


Session 2: "Additive Supplier and User Perspectives"

Moisture Damage and Benefits of Liquid Anti-stripping Additives (LAS) - James N. Anagnos, Akzo Nobel

The Value of Crumb Rubber as a Pavement Additive - Ali Zareh, Arizona Department of Transportation

Hydrated Lime: A Multi-functional Additive for Asphalt Pavements - Eric Berger, Chemical Lime Company

Use of Polyphosphoric Acid in Asphalt - Gaylon Baumgardner, Paragon Technical Services, Inc.

Evaluation of Asphalt Using LAP Shear Specimens - Robert J. Statz, Consultant


Session 3:

Epoxy Asphalt - Jack Youtcheff, Federal Highway Administration

Variations in Asphalt Adhesion as a Function of Aggregate Type - Shin-Che Huang, Western Research Institute

Surface Tension of Asphalt using AFM - Appy Beemer, Western Research Institute

Use of NMR Imaging to Determine Asphalt Surface Energy - F. P. Miknis, Western Research Institute

Asphalt Wetting Dynamics - Troy Pauli, Western Research Institute


Session 4:  

Dissipation of Crack Energy and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis - Robert Lytton, Texas A&M University

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Use of Surface Energy to Predict Adhesion (to be added) - Dallas Little, Texas A&M University

Adhesion Thermodynamics - Troy Pauli, Western Research Institute