2006 Symposium on Models Used to Predict Pavement Performance

WRI Pavement Performance Prediction Symposium - Models Used to Predict Pavement Performance June 2006

Western Research Institute (WRI) organized and held a Symposium on Models Used to Predict Pavement Performance, which followed the 2006 Petersen Asphalt Research Conference. The Symposium was sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

The purpose of the symposium was to hear from leading experts on the subject of models used to predict pavement performance. Presentations from the sessions and notes from a panel discussion are included below.

Compositional Models-Moderator: John D'Angelo, FHWA

  • Computer Simulations of Asphalts - Michael L. Greenfield, University of Rhode Island
  • Asphalt Microstructure Model - Troy Pauli, Western Research Institute
  • Asphalt Solidification Theory - Troy Pauli, Western Research Institute
  • Oxidative Aging Model-How it Relates to the Prediction of Pavement Performance - Claine Petersen, Consultant, WRI-Retired
  • Rheological Models-Moderator: Gaylon Baumbardner, Paragon Technical Services

  • Cracking/Healing/Surface Energy, Dallas Little, Texas A&M University
  • Role of Binders in Pavement Performance - Hussain Bahia, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Low Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Pavements- Mihai Marasteanu, University of Minnesota
  • Mixture Models-Moderator: Jack Youtcheff, FHWA

  • Finite Element Analysis for Moisture Damage in Asphaltic Materials - Tom Scarpas, Delft University of Technology
  • The Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory: A modeling example from the world of Portland cement concrete - Edward Garboczi, NIST
  • HMA Fracture Mechanics - Reynoldo Roque, University of Florida
  • Summary of Micromechanical Models - Robert Lytton, Texas A&M University
  • Microbial Degradation of Pavement - Ken Thomas, Western Research Institute
  • Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Models-Moderator: Tom Harman, FHWA

  • FHWA and the MEPDG - Katherine Petros, FHWA
  • Asphalt Aging-Actual versus Predicted - Mike Farrar, Western Research Institute
  • MEPDG Distress Models - Mohamed El-Basyouny, Arizona State University
  • Improving Mechanistic-Empirical Models for Predicting HMA Rutting - Charles Schwartz, University of Maryland
  • Summary/Coalescence of Models

  • Panel Discussion with Session Moderators