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Draft Agenda - Click here to view the expanded agenda for training course.

  • Session I: Introduction - JP Planche
  • Session II: Asphalt Composition - Troy Pauli, Ryan Boysen, Fred Turner, Ron Glaser
  • Session III: Asphalt Aging - Ron Glaser, JP Planche
  • Session IV: Asphalt Modification - JP Planche


  • Session IV: Asphalt Modification – cont’d - Troy Pauli
  • Session V: Identifying Contaminants and Reaction Products - Joe Rovani, Jeramie Adams
  • Session VI: Binder Rheological Properties - Alec Cookman, Steve Salmans
  • Session VII: Small Sample Size Testing - Mike Farrar
  • Session VIII: Field Sites – Validation - Mike Farrar
  • Conclusions - JP Planche, Troy Pauli, Steve Salmans
  • Lab Tour after Hours (Optional) - Joe Rovani

This class will cover asphalt binder chemistry as it is related to pavement performance. Additionally, advances in analytical and measurement techniques will be explained with the opportunity to visit the WRI laboratories to see some of the equipment set up and running.

This full day course is being offered with an eye toward training the practitioner or researcher to understand fundamental bitumen properties that will aid in developing cost effective, consistent pavement solutions.

This class will follow the 52nd Annual Petersen Asphalt Research Conference (this class replaces the P3 Symposium which traditionally follows the Petersen Conference).

Click here to view the expanded agenda for training course.

* Professional development hours are available upon request.

Register here: PARC 2015 Conference and Training

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